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how to sell your house fast
Do you need to sell your Los Angeles house fast?  If you’re thinking…I’m having a tough time selling my house fast in Los Angeles…this short article is for you. 🙂

Selling My House Fast in Los Angeles – Your Options

There are typically three ways to sell your house:

  1. Selling your house the traditional way using an agent
  2. Selling your house yourself
  3. Selling your house to a qualified real estate professional

There are many differences in each of these approaches but for subject of this article, which is selling your house fast, I will just discuss the time factor of each.

Selling Your House the Traditional Way Using an Agent

This option can take as little as 60 days to many months, depending on the local market, condition of your house, the skill of your agent, etc. And, there is no guarantee your house will even sell.  You will have to sign an Exclusive Agreement that binds you to that agent for typically six months.  After showing your house to many potential buyers and looky-loos and receiving an offer, you may think your house is sold but that is just the start of another phase called escrow.

The two most important hurdles to get over in escrow are home inspection and buyer’s loan approval.  The buyers will need to be qualified for financing with a bank.

Important Note: Even if the buyer is writing a cash offer, they still might be borrowing money to purchase the property.

These days, lender requirements have become very strict and your deal could be delayed or fall out of escrow completely.  Be prepared that if the buyer’s loan does not get approved, you’ll have to start the sale process all over again… adding more time to the process as well as more holding costs that you have to pay.

Selling Your House Yourself

This option usually takes longer than selling through an agent.  You are subject to all the time pitfalls from option one above, plus, you also have to deal with the fact that you most likely are not a real estate professional and don’t have years of expertise in selling homes.  This could add months to the sales process as you go through the learning curve.

Ask yourself honestly if you have the knowledges and expertise to market the house effectively, negotiate with buyers and their agents, prepare all the contracts and paperwork and deal with all the “typical” problems that arise during the escrow period.  If not, this could be a long process and waste of your time.

Selling Your House to a Real Estate Professional

The fastest way to sell your house and avoid your buyer pulling out of escrow because their financing fell through is to sell your house to a local investment firm like Solution Home Buyers. Often, qualified investors have access to private funds and don’t need financing from a bank. That means we can close quickly, in as little as 7 days, and don’t have to wait for bank approval.  You sell your house fast and have cash in hand quickly. 

You’ll have to do some due diligence though to make sure you’re dealing with a qualified local investor. Qualified investors will have no problem showing you proof that they have the funds available to close quickly. If you’ve taken a cash offer and they put down an earnest money deposit, you might be entitled to keep the deposit if the buyer can’t close.

How Do I Get Cash Offers on My House?

You can get a fair cash offer from us today!  We’re buying properties in Los Angeles and Surrounding Southern California areas… then we either hold them as rentals for ourselves… or we’ll repair / remodel the house if it needs it and sell it to someone who loves the house.

MOST IMPORTANT – if you really need to sell your house fast, consider the option of selling for cash to a qualified Real Estate Professional like Solution Home Buyers.

If your local Los Angeles property qualifies, we can buy your house fast.

Just fill out the form or pick up the phone and call us anytime at (818) 392-4845.

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